Company History

The High Road Program, Inc. was founded in 1976 as one of the first organizations to provide education and counseling services to individuals arrested for driving under the influence in California.

High Road began expanding its services in the mid-1980’s to include misdemeanor drug diversion, domestic violence and anger management counseling services, federal DOD/DOT substance abuse program (SAP) service, as well as rehabilitation services for parolees.

While most of our services relate to providing substance abuse counseling and treatment to individuals referred through the California criminal justice system, High Road also provides low cost, affordable outpatient counseling and treatment to the general public. Our organization has grown to be one of the leading providers of outpatient substance abuse counseling and treatment services in Southern California.

Our Philosophy

Not every individual who uses alcohol and/or other drugs is alcoholic or addicted, nor do all problems relate to substance abuse. Many people have problems dealing with anger that often manifests itself in domestic violence, where alcohol and/or other drugs become the escape valve used to deal with anger and feelings of lack of control. There are many behaviors that can lead to a person eventually becoming addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs.

We believe that providing early stage education, counseling and family support can help intervene in behaviors that could eventually lead to problems with substance abuse and later on to addiction.

We also believe that alcoholism, drug addiction and other compulsive disorders are progressive diseases that affect all levels of society. We further believe that they are diseases that are treatable and from which a person can recover. We know that the primary indicator of the disease is the individual’s inability to control the intake of alcohol, drugs, or other substances and the behavior exhibited while under the influence.

We believe that effective treatment addresses the total person – physical, emotional, psychological, vocational, social and spiritual. Breaking through the individual’s denial that a problem exists must be a primary goal of treatment, and that total abstinence is a prerequisite to beginning and maintaining recovery. We know that life style change can best be provided by an effective treatment program that will encompass the individual and his/her family, significant others and friends – supported by participating in community based self help programs.

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